10 Hobbies to Pick Up After Retirement

Retirement is a wonderful stage of life, but after the initial excitement wears off, some people wonder what to do with all their newly found time. Take advantage of your retirement and explore new hobbies. It’s never too late to try something new.

10 Post-Retirement Hobby Ideas

If you are looking for a new project or avenue of learning, consider the following 10 options.

1. Take culinary classes.

Some people love to cook and are naturally good at it, while others don’t care to take the time. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, culinary classes provide a great way to channel your creativity in an interactive environment. Whether you love baking, cooking, or cake decorating, there’s something for everyone.

2. Learn how to dance (in any style!).

It is important to remember that not every hobby has to be done from a seated position. Getting active is fun and healthy during every stage of life, especially when it means you can dance. Ballroom dancing classes, line dancing classes, etc. encourage physical exercise while helping you learn a new skill.

3. Take up drawing, painting, or writing.

The more classic hobbies include those that you can do from anywhere, including sketching, watercolor, oils, reading, and writing.

4. Join a book club.

If you love to both read and socialize, we recommend finding a like-minded book club. Reading alongside friends and sharing your thoughts and opinions is a great way to stay connected.

5. Learn a new skill with your hands.

Few things are as satisfying as creating beautiful pieces with your own hands. Woodworking, sewing, knitting, macrame, beadwork, embroidery, and jewelry-making all encourage creativity.

6. Take online classes to further your education.

School may have been years ago, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Especially during this time of COVID, when taking in-person classes might present a challenge, taking online classes keeps your brain active and healthy. You can take an “extracurricular” class (like dancing and cooking mentioned above), or you can take an academic course such as math, science, history, etc.

7. Pursue opportunities for volunteer work.

If you have a lot of extra free time, consider sharing it with others. Many organizations encourage retirees to use their natural gifts for the benefit of the community. For instance, if you enjoy gardening, perhaps you can help out at the local parks or botanical gardens. Additionally, volunteering at non-profits keeps you active and refreshed.

8. Spend more time outdoors.

Just because you retire doesn’t mean you are glued to your home. Enjoy the outdoors by hiking, camping, bird watching, or simply taking a daily stroll. Getting out in nature is one of the fastest ways to refresh yourself.

9. Learn a new language.

Why not? If you have always wanted to learn a new language but have never had the time, retirement provides the perfect opportunity. Take online classes to motivate yourself.

10. Take up a musical instrument.

Likewise, it’s never too late to learn an instrument. Online resources will help you learn the violin, piano, guitar, harp, or any other instrument you have long wanted to play.

Do What You Love after Retirement!

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. The sky’s the limit when it comes to learning new skills and doing what you love. The most important thing is that you devote your retirement years to pursuing your personal interests and enjoyments. Wherever you find that fulfillment, whether it’s in volunteer work or writing a story, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

One way to encourage yourself to pursue your interests is to surround yourself with a caring community. The passion of others helps pull you along, and you just might find that your retirement years are the best ones yet.

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